Prostate Cancer Screening

Publish date:2021-09-10

In Hong Kong, prostate cancer is one of the most common disease and is the third leading cancer killer in men. According to the data from the Hospital Authority, 1 in 26 people have a chance of getting prostate cancer. The incidence increases with age and mainly affects men aged 50 or above. As of 2017, there were 2,240 new prostate cancer cases, and prostate cancer recorded the largest increase in incidence rate among the common male cancers in Hong Kong. Therefore, prostate cancer poses great threat to the elderly in Hong Kong.

Prostate is a part of the male reproductive system. Since prostate cancer grows relatively slow, and may not show any symptoms at early-stage, patients may not aware of it even the tumor has existed for many years. By the time symptoms such as difficulty and frequent urination begin to appear, the disease may be too advanced and widespread to be effectively treated.
In general, there is choice of “definitive” treatment between surgery versus radiotherapy. Detailed discussions with the surgeon and the oncologist are strongly recommended to help the patient select the most suitable treatment. In general, both types of treatments offer good chance of cure for early stage tumour provided, in the former case, that the tumour can be completely removed. For tumours in which it may be more difficult to achieve a clean resection (especially those beginning to extend outside the organ - stage T3 or T4) or in patients not medically fit for major surgery, radiotherapy may be more appropriate. In addition, hormonal therapy (in the form of 3- or 6-monthly injections and as well as oral drugs) may be combined with radiotherapy for the intermediate and high risk categories, with longer duration treatment needed for the high risk than the intermediate risk cases. Additional hormonal therapy has been shown to improve outcome in these cases.

Men over 55 years old should consider getting tested for prostate cancer because the risk of developing significant prostate cancer is higher after this age. If you worry that you and your family members may be at risk of developing prostate cancer, you are advised to conduct an ultrasound examination of prostate. Early detection and treatment will increase your chances of recovery.

Prostate Cancer Screening

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