Women over 40 need Comprehensive Understanding of Breast Health

Publish date:2020-09-01

Some data shows that breast cancer is the third most deadly cancer among women in Hong Kong. If breast tumour is found at an early stage or even before it spreads, it can significantly improve the cure rate. Mammography is the best way to determine whether a woman has breast cancer. It is globally recognized that uses low-dose X-rays to detect changes in the density of various breast tissues and the condition of early breast pathological calcifications.
There are mainly two different imaging methods, namely 2D mammography and 3D mammography. The diagnosis process is the same: the breast must be flattened evenly between the two plates, and the radiation dose used is similar.

Senographe 3D Mammogram
2D mammography takes images from the front and side, and will be screened with the maximum tolerance of the patients. When the chest is pressed flatter, the image will be more precise, and the pain experienced by the patients will be stronger. The breast tissue may overlap in the same model.
3D mammography uses tomography to show the breasts separately from different angles. Only the strength to fix the position of breasts is required. This shortens the breast compression time, and reduces breast discomfort during examinations and minimizes the chance of patients taking additional photos. Each layer of tissue is clearly shown, and cancer cells can be easily found. It can also improve the accuracy of diagnosis by 41%, and reduce false-positive cancer results by up to 15%.

GE Invenia ABUS
The addition of screening breast ultrasound, or automated breast ultrasound (ABUS), is effective in detecting mammographically occult cancer in women with dense tissue.
Doctors suggest that women over the age of 40 need to undergo mammography examinations every two years to ensure a comprehensive understanding of structural breast health.
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