HPV Vaccination

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There are nearly 500 new cases of cervical cancer diagnosed every year. Most people are aware of the causal relationship between HPV and cervical cancer (Human Papilloma Virus). Yet, HPV does not only cause cervical cancer in women, men are also possible to be infected by HPV, which may lead to other genital cancers or diseases that may affect partner's health:

- Anal Cancer
- Genital warts
- Possibility for the partner to develop cancer and warts due to HPV infection

9-in-1 HPV Vaccine Injection Offer

IMC has launched HPV Vaccine & Health Check Plan to help you prevent HPV infection and to understand your health condition. The first 40 customers who purchase HPV vaccination can get a limited-edition Keung To poster, one Keung To magic card, and one Keung To sticker if they like our Facebook (International Medical Centre Hong Kong). Limited quota available, while stock lasts. Act Now!

Special Price: $4,280/ 3 doses (List Price: $7,460/ 3 doses)
Special Price: $3,000/ 2 doses (Lit Price: $5,190/ 2 doses)

Dosage depends on the age of customer

Promotion Period until 31 Oct 2021