COVID-19 Vaccine IgG Antibody Test

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COVID-19 Vaccine IgG Antibody Test (Recognized by HKSAR Government)

Along with the implementation of the COVID-19 Vaccination Programme, many citizens have received two doses of vaccines. Are you well protected after Covid-19 Vaccination? IMC currently provides ‘COVID-19 Vaccine IgG Antibody Test’ which helps to evaluate the immune response after vaccination.

✓ Check the Antibodies Level via a simple blood test
✓ Manufactured by Abbott to detect IgG antibodies with 99% accuracy*
✓ A safe and reliable test authorised by the U.S. FDA-EDA
✓ Positive antibody test result issued by government-recognised laboratory, can be used by fully vaccinated travellers to reduce their quarantine time to 7 days upon returning from specified countries