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IMC Health Check Plan

IMC has two designated floors for the personalized Check-up Center, and, together with the most advanced medical imaging technology. We strive to serve our valued customers with the best of our care. Upon arriving at IMC, our Medical Service Ambassador will first study your health index and individual needs. After that, the Ambassador will recommend appropriate inspection items that suit your needs. The proper specialist consultation will be arranged—for example, cancer, cardiovascular, endocrine, immunology, etc.

International Medical Centre (Hong Kong) has different types of checkup schemes to detect potential health problems or risk at an early stage. We provide preventive treatment and medical advice. There are different types of plans including:
• Health Check (Basic/ Female/ Male/ Elderly)
• Pre-Marital Health Check
• Heart Disease Screening
• Endoscopy

In addition, there is also flexibility in combining several check-up items with tailor-made plans for individuals and corporate groups.

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