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Excessive and continuous stress at work is common in Hong Kong. Hongkongers often overlook their health condition accordingly. In fact, women of any age are likely to be affected gynecological diseases, such as diabetes, coronary heart disease, venereal disease, gout, rheumatoid arthritis, lung cancer, liver cancer, cervical cancer, breast cancer, and so on. Regular health checks and physical examinations enable us to identify potential health problems; implement preventative care as well as provide suitable treatment for gynecological or chronic disease.

Women 30+ Health Check

Regular physical health check-ups are preventive health measures that allow you to objectively understand your physical condition and detect many early serious illnesses that have no obvious symptoms, such as breast cancer, osteoporosis, etc. Have proper treatments when necessary.

Women 40+ Health Check

Recommended for women aged 40 or above. Include Kidney and Liver Function Tests, Blood Analysis, Chest X-Ray, Cardiovascular Risk Assessment, Screening for Breast and Cervical Cancers etc.

Women 50+ Health Check

Recommended for women aged 50 or above. Include Visual Acuity, Liver Function Test, Blood Analysis, Screening for Colon and Breast Cancers, Chest X-Ray, Test of Cardiac Rhythm & Detection of Cardiac Strain, etc.

Gynecology Health Check I

Women should have a gynaecological examination regularly. IMC offers gynecology health check including breast and pelvic ultrasounds for women. They can effectively detect breast, ovarian and other diseases, and can greatly improve the chance of healing if ovarian lesions can be detected early.

Gynecology Health Check II

Women over the age of 40 are more likely to develop breast cancer at this stage. Some data shows that breast cancer is the third most deadly cancer among women in Hong Kong. If breast tumour is found at an early stage or even before it spreads, it can significantly improve the cure rate. IMC Gynaecology Health Check II can help to prevent breast cancer through mammogram.

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