Elderly's Health

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Due to the continuously aging population in Hong Kong, elderly health should not be overlooked. Regular check-ups, in addition to raising personal health consciousness, enable chronically ill patients to control the disease and be able to detect diseases earlier, which will greatly reduce problems caused by the delayed treatment, such as the huge medical expenses and risks. To have deeper understanding and care for the elderly, please fully support the elderly health check program.

Men 50+ Health Check

Recommended for any men aged 50 or above. Include liver function test, blood analysis, gout screening, chest x-ray, cardiovascular risk assessment, prostate exam, diabetes and cancer screening, etc, to detect the diseases at an earlier stage and have better control of diseases and hence decrease risk of complications and reduce mortality in some cases.

Women 50+ Health Check

Recommended for women aged 50 or above. Include Visual Acuity, Liver Function Test, Blood Analysis, Screening for Colon and Breast Cancers, Chest X-Ray, Test of Cardiac Rhythm & Detection of Cardiac Strain, etc.

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