Pilates Training

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Pilates is a popular but technically demanding whole-body exercise in rehabilitation therapy. Rigorous movement is required, along with the emphasis on fluency, concentration, control, the flow of movement, precision and breathing.

Pilates focuses on physical balance, which strengthens the deep spinal muscles and core muscle groups. At the same time, it improves breathing and cardiopulmonary function. Pilates also incorporates yoga movements aiming to enhance muscle flexibility, prevent muscle injury, and relieve muscle soreness. Unlike traditional weight training, Pilates can make your body lines slimmer and more elegant.

Besides, it also corrects the posture of clients with humpback and pelvic tilt, which is very suitable for working people or people who seldom exercise.

ESHOP Special Offer - 1 on 1 Pilates Training

(Special Price:$500 | List Price:$1,000)
- Physiotherapy consultation and treatment (Once)
- Individual Pilates Training (single session - 30 minutes)

Suitable for:
- Office workers;
- People with sports injuries;
- People suffering from chronic diseases such as spondylopathy, neck and shoulder pain, back pain etc.;
- People who want to lose weight or improve body shape;
- People recovering after childbirth;
- Women after postpartum recovery;
- Professional athletes or dancers

Promotion period until 30 June, 2021