Dietetic Service

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The registered dietitians of IMC provide personalized nutrition and diet advice.

Weight Management:
Being overweight can cause high blood pressure, diabetes, and heart disease. It can also cause obesity for children and adolescents. The nutritionist conducts nutrition and weight assessment for the client and analyzes the body mass index and fat rate. The dietitians will take the eating and living habits of the clients into account, in order to provide a variety of diet recommendations and prepare a suitable menu for them.

Being underweight will cause malnutrition. The dietitians consider the nutritional needs of the clients, and then recommends the appropriate amount and type of food or nutritional supplement. They also provide diet and cooking instructions.

Medical Nutrition Therapies:
The dietitians provide diet therapy for patients with diabetes, hypertension, kidney disease, hyperlipidemia/cholesterol, dysphagia, etc. to ensure that nutritional balance can be maintained during the illness.