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Heart diseases have been the second leading cause of death in Hong Kong.As people nowadays have heavy work pressure, less exercise, and often smoke and drink, it virtually imposes varying degrees of a burden on the heart. Those who have the three-highs, a family history of heart disease or men 40 years of age or older, women 45 years or older certainly belong to the high-risk group. Still, the patients are tended to be younger in recent years.

Heart Test I

IMC Heart disease Screening use professional medical machines to provide comprehensive care for patients' heart health, and with the help and guidance of friendly therapists, we can help you prevent the threat of coronary heart disease.
Heart Test I includes ECG, CT Scan, blood Lipids, diabetes and denal function test etc.


Heart Test II includes ECG, treadmill, echocardiogram, X-Ray chest, blood lipids and diabetes etc.

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