Regular Lung Cancer Screening Is Essential | Lung Cancer Screening

Publish date:2021-07-02

Event Date:2021-03-02

Lung cancer is the number one cancer killer in Hong Kong. In 2018, 3,853 people died from lung cancer, accounting for 26.7% of all cancer deaths. The high mortality rate of lung cancer is because its initial signs are not obvious, and it is usually too late by the time of discovery.

In addition, there is a misconception that lung cancer is related to smoking habits only and non-smokers will rarely get lung cancer. In fact, we are often exposed to many risk factors in our daily lives, such as second-hand smoke, air pollution and dust, etc., which may cause lung cancer. Also, a lot of patients who have never smoked, have no family history, and are under the age of 30, are diagnosed with lung cancer.

Low dose lung CT scan is recommended for lung cancer screening. Compared with traditional X-ray, Low dose lung CT scan can show early-stage lung cancer and reveal lung abnormalities in detail, which may be too small to be detected by traditional X-ray. The smaller the tumor is detected; the less likely the cancer cells will spread to other parts of the body, which means more treatments are available and will lead to higher survival rate. National Cancer Institute has found that there is 20% mortality rate reduction in patients who have regularly undergone low dose lung CT scan.

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Source:Yu SW, Leung CS, Tsz CH, Lee BT, Chan HK, Sihoe AD. Does low-dose computed tomography screening improve lung cancer-related outcomes?—a systematic review. Video-assist Thorac Surg 2020;5:7.